Dental Implants vs Dentures: Making the Right Choice

Once you find yourself needing artificial teeth, the next question which kind to get. Implants and dentures both have their advantages and disadvantages and the decision is up to you. We’ll go through both option to help you make an informed decision.


The biggest advantage to choosing dentures is their price. Dentures can be made quickly and are by far the cheaper of the two options. Because of this, they are the most popular option. Additionally, unlike implants they do not require surgery and are very easy to fit to your mouth.

However, that is where the advantages to dentures ends. Dentures can take lots of getting used to. Dentures are known for being uncomfortable and coming loose easily. Dentures are known to rub against the gums and cause discomfort which is especially noticeable while eating. On top of that, cleaning and caring for dentures can be a burden. Another consideration is that dentures need to be replaced every 10 years or so.

With all that in mind, the biggest downside to dentures is that the gums and bones in your mouth will shrink. Teeth do a lot to keep the shape in your mouth. When they are gone, the gums can lose their structure. Using dentures makes the loss of structure in your mouth much worse and over time, it can be very noticeable. This issue does not occur with dental implants because they replace your teeth entirely.

Dental Implants

The only real disadvantage to dental implants is that they’re much harder on the wallet than dentures. However, unlike dentures, it is rare that you will ever need to replace them. It is true that implants do require surgery and the process can take several months. But unlike dentures, implants are just like your regular teeth. All they require is regular daily brushing whereas dentures can be more difficult to clean, require paste, and take lots of getting used to. With Dental implants, you can still eat and care for your teeth in the same way without any effect to your daily life.

Overall, dental implants are a much more invasive but long-lasting solution that will make no difference to your everyday life. With dentures however, this in not the case. If you’re not keen on any sort of surgery and want to keep your costs low, dentures are the way to go. Just be aware of the disadvantages, particularly the loss of bone mass in your mouth over time from the pressure of the dentures. If you’re interested in speaking with a dentist in Gilbert about dental implants or dentures, see Dr. Brian Roberts in Gilbert AZ.

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