A Bedtime Story About the Dentist

If you enjoy reading to your children, then you’ve undoubtedly come across several books that talk about that terrifying trip to the dentist. The Berenstain Bears have a story about it, Little Critter goes to the dentist, even Dora makes a trip to the dentist in one of her books. So the story has been told and retold a million times.

Here’s the gist of it: a little kid has to go to the dentist. He or she is scared about the experience and worry about it for weeks. Finally, the big day arrives, and going to the dentist turns out to be a lot better than they expected.

It’s a fun way to help nervous children prepare for their visit to the dentist. Unfortunately, you rarely have such a book on hand when your child decides they’re nervous. And you’re not about to run out to the store and purchase a seven or eight-dollar book about the dentist in an attempt to make your little one feel better.

The solution to this problem is simple…just tell them the story yourself, And if you’re not much of a storyteller, you can repeat ours:

Little Maggie was in a pickle. Her tooth hurt. It hurt badly. She didn’t like to chew on the right side of her mouth and cold things, like ice cream, made her tooth hurt worse. She wanted to tell her mom and dad, but she just couldn’t. She knew that if she did, they would take her to the dentist. And she had heard terrible things about the dentist.

Her brother said the dentist pulls out teeth. Her sister said the dentist uses a big drill. And neither of those things sounded like fun. Maggie didn’t know what to do.

Then one day, Maggie’s mom noticed that Maggie had stopped eating popsicles – her favorite treat. Maggie tried to lie and say she was fine, but her mother knew better. A dentist appointment was scheduled for the very next week.

Every night when Maggie went to bed she dreamed about giant teeth, drills, and a dentist who couldn’t wait to pull her teeth out.

Finally, the day of the dentist appointment visit arrived. Maggie tried to hide in the car, but her mother dragged her into the dentist’s office. The lady at the front desk smiled at Maggie as she came in. “Hi,” she said, “you must be Maggie.”

Maggie couldn’t help but smile. She sat on a chair in the waiting room feeling a little bit better. But then, another woman, dressed in light blue pants and shirt called Maggie’s name. Maggie could feel her stomach doing somersaults and her heart was racing. She was led to a room with lots of equipment she didn’t recognize. Maggie took a seat in a very comfortable chair. The chair laid back and the woman in blue took x-rays of Maggie’s teeth.

Then the dentist came in. He wasn’t the mean, grouchy man Maggie had dreamed about. The dentist was smiling and he made her laugh. After looking at the x-rays, the dentist said, “Well little miss Maggie, it looks like you have a cavity.”

Maggie didn’t like holding her mouth open for so long and she didn’t like it when the dentist numbed her mouth. But the dentist continued to talk as he worked and Maggie liked him.

When the dentist had filled Maggie’s cavity, he helped her off the chair and walked her back to the waiting room. Before sending her with her mother, the dentist gave Maggie a new toothbrush and toothpaste and told her to take care of her teeth.

Maggie’s trip to the dentist was great. She was able to get her cavity taken care of and best of all, the pain she’d been feeling went away.


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