5 Secret Signs Your Dentist Rocks

Say the word “dentist” in a crowded room and watch for the reactions you’ll get. Lots of people cringe, because for some reason they associate the dentist with pain. Well, going to the dentist doesn’t have to be agonizing. In fact, if you’re at the right dentist, not only will you get the work done you need, but your attitude toward dentists might even change. It’s just a matter of finding the right dentist – a dentist who rocks.

So what’s a sign that you’ve chosen a good dentist? And how do you avoid the others who aren’t so good? Here are 5 secret signs your dentist rocks (by the way, I fit them all):

Gives Stuff Away – as kids, didn’t your dentist hand out stickers, toothbrush and toothpaste? It wasn’t much of a consolation after having a cavity filled, but it still made you feel just a little bit better. If your dentist is so tight-fisted that you (or at least your kids) don’t get a free toothbrush, then you might want to rethink how much your dentist values your business.

Takes the Time to Learn Your Name – sure, the dentist is busy. He’s got a lot of patients to see. But one who doesn’t take the time to learn your name has no interest in you. And do you want someone working on your teeth that won’t take two seconds to learn your name? What else are they going to skip out on?

Has a Friendly Staff – nothing is worse than going to the dentist only to have the office staff treat you coldly or even rudely. If the office staff is kind and considerate, the dentist is a lot more likely to be so as well.

Has Great Reviews/Testimonials – there are dozens of sites that now rank doctors and dentists. Those rankings are determined by their patients. Now, you can determine beforehand if someone is worth working with based on their patient reviews or ratings. Plus, if you check out the dentist’s website, you should be overwhelmed with testimonials.

Keeps in Touch with You – the dentist is not always on your mind. Surprise, surprise. So. you need a dentist who takes the time to call or send an email reminding you to schedule your 6-month check-up. Or, if you’ve been in for a root canal or something more serious, they will call to follow-up and see how you’re doing.

In the Phoenix valley, you have a lot of choices in dental care. So don’t stay with a less-than-caring dentist. Find one who puts you first. And use these suggestions as a guideline on how you deserve to be treated.

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