A Blog Dedicated to Whole Mouth Health

Thanks for reading the first post on our new blog. It’s exciting to get online and share not only with our local community but with an online community how important whole mouth health is to your well being.

In a perfect world, dentists would only be around to peek in your mouth and say, “Yep, things are looking good.” But as you know, it’s not a perfect world. Even the most avid brusher/flosser needs a little help sometimes. So, they visit the dentist. And while I am delighted to help our patients, I know there is much more they could be doing on their own to make their smile really shine.

Through reading this blog post, you can expect two important things:

  1. To get the latest updates about our office, our policies, and the services we provide our patients.
  2. To get tips and tricks for maintaining healthy teeth and gums…and by extension your overall health.

So be sure to visit us every week to see what new advice we have for you and your family. And hey, if you have questions or want more information on a particular topic, just post a comment. Or…feel free to contact us with your request.

It may not seem like a big deal (since you may only visit the dentist twice a year) but oral hygiene is so important. A great smile is the second thing men and women listed as what attracts them. Our goal is to make sure you stay attractive, healthy, and happy. And I work that magic by making your teeth look good.

Again, thanks for taking the time to visit our blog. If you need to book an appointment to see me, please do so. Otherwise, enjoy this great information and remember to visit us here when you need a little extra “teeth help”.

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